Thoughts Affined to Awakening Society

Friends! Donation and charity are two means which provide us enormous opportunities. If we donate we experience mental peace and our soul is contented. But we must be cautious as to donate only to the needy persons. If we feed who is already overfed, he would fall sick. Hence,its useless being benevolent to those who do not deserve.

All of us are too scared of death because it seems like a demon. But, what is more perilous and dreadful than death is watching our fellowmen suffer while we do nothing for their betterment. We must engage part of our time in helping others in whatever manner we could. But, this should never be to get back name and fame. Rather it should be for our own self-improvement. Thus it would not be right to give any credit to ourselves as it inflates our ego. We must understand that benevolence helps none but ourselves. It teaches us to be patient and noble. Even if we refuse to donate, it would not make any difference to the society because the Supreme Being has bestowed everyone with adequate means for survival. Here our meager donations do not matter much, but, we might lose an opportunity to help others and eventually ourselves.

Akhand Jyoti,
August 1949,

By Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya
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