Thoughts Affined to Aspiring Better Future

Friends! We are the weavers of our own destiny. We have made our lives pitiful by becoming puppets at the hands of our own weaknesses and shortcomings. But we can overcome these with the help of our own conscience and perceptions. But, for this we need to go through a mental reformation. This mental reformation is the main foundation of a new era which is also a consequence of the thought transformation.
We face numerous problems and adversities in our lives, but we fail to understand that they are a result of our ignorance and frivolity. And the solution to these afflictions lies in awareness and enlightenment of the core of our hearts and souls.
A spider weaves its own web and gets entangled in it. But then it decides to break free and focuses its entire energy towards its freedom. It collects its own web in the form of a ball & swallows it whole. In the same way we have to loosen the knots of our adversities and become a free-soul. We cannot see these knots due to the darkness of the absurdity of our own minds. Once we decide and awaken our faculties, we would ignite the flame of our wisdom and would be able to open all the knots and set ourselves free.
1962, pg-6

By Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya
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