Thoughts Affined to Human

Spirituality and Materialism are both mutually related. One is incomplete without the other. The saint, even when living in a cave in the jungle, needs food, fire, clothes, bed, books, blanket, utensils, and many amenities without which it is difficult for him to survive. So, it must be understood that some materialism is being practiced even by those who are highly spiritual. Even the extreme materialists such as robbers and dictators practice some spirituality in the form of love and sacrifice for their families and loved ones. Amongst the attributes where as spirituality is considered as most true, pure and divine, materialism is considered as dark, impure, and ignorance.The combination of the two extremes is the middle path, giving rise to force, energy, and a desire to act. The dynamics of the universe is maintained by a perfect balance of these attributes. If Darkness is destroyed, man will become God and if Divinity is removed, the same man will become a devil. It is a sad thing that in either case, the human nature is lost. Humanity lies in the delicate balance of the extremes. Therefore, so long as human life exists, materialism and spirituality will both co-exist in man. Giving a higher priority to one is what makes all the difference. For the generous and kind people, spirituality is the primary preference, to the extent that they might end up neglecting the material basis of all things. On the other hand, the selfish people prefer materialism so strongly that they transgress all the ethical limits set by spirituality.
In spite of these facts, each of the two types of people – whether materialist or spiritualist, accept the other viewpoint and are often compelled to consider it.


By Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya
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