Thoughts Affined to Behavior

Friends!If you possess any skill then liberate it from any kind of doubts and fears. Just surrender yourself and your skills to the Supreme Being and witness them getting even further expanded and polished. Once you surrender totally, it would be like sowing a seed in the fertile soil. The seed shall become a huge tree and benefit thousands of people.
Charity and benevolence never decrease your wealth. In fact once you share your assets with others, be it money or even a kind intention or a humble gesture, or even a smile, it is bound to come back to you multiplied by several times. Here, care must be taken that you shall not impose anything upon anyone. Whoever acquires happily shall be welcomed and endowed.
A word of praise uttered by you for anyone gives pleasure to him as well as it makes your own life resplendent. As we see that one lit candle can light thousands of other candles keeping its own flame bright and alive, in the same way a single word or gesture of truth either said or done pleases everybody and produces divine merits in all.

By Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya
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