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Friends! The world is full of opportunities. But we are not able to benefit out of them. We can reap maximum benefits if we learn to mold ourselves to face the circumstances, we are passing through and prepare ourselves to avail the opportunities we see. A perfect co-ordination between the two leads to unmatched development of our character and disposition.
Here, what is primarily needed is, first a true and honest self analysis and then identifying the weaknesses. The final step is weeding out our weaknesses. After this we, each of us can reform ourselves and  and get a new rebirth with sound morals, principles and with a broad, modern and a flexible outlook.
We must also understand that to progress in life, planning is of utmost importance. Once a feasible strategy has been charted out, one must try to stick to it under any situation; eventually, success will follow. This implies that a person can elevate himself only by helping himself. Consequently the whole world will follow him.  The whole universe comes forward to help the person who is strong and determined towards his objectives.

Akhand Jyoti,
January 1950,

By Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya
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